Noise Bully Sucks

“Every person living in the District is entitled to reasonable noise levels that do not threaten life, health, and enjoyment of his or her property.
Excessive or unnecessary noises within the District pose a menace to the welfare and prosperity of the residents and businesses of the District. It is the declared public policy of the District to reduce the ambient noise level in the District to promote public health, safety, welfare, and the peace and quiet of the inhabitants of the District, and to facilitate the enjoyment of the natural attraction of the District (DCMR 20, Sec. 2700.1).” - sourced directly from the DC Noise Regulation Handbook

His loudspeaker is not the sound of the city. We love the sounds of this city. We can’t hear them because of his selfish insanity. He takes that beauty from all of us. He steals that which we love from all of us. Along with our health, peace and economic opportunity in our own homes.

He thinks he is this city and prescribes it by force where we live and work in our homes. He knowingly causes headaches, migraines, loss of work, loss of sleep, health and wellness issues, interrupted calls and meetings and accomplishing it with an event speaker in a stroller outside all our homes for ten months now. We’re trapped. He refuses to stop. The police don’t stop him even though he’s threatened people. He is a thief and a bully. A noise bully.

The above quote is from District of Columbia Title 20. It’s been the law for quite a long time regardless of what we’ve been told. Imagine that. Hopefully it works well when it’s more widely known about and authorities are willing to enforce and support people’s rights in their homes according to the law. My layman opinion is that it all sounds quite reasonable. It seems they understood the impact this behavior has on people’s lives. They even made a law.